We guarantee our dog kennels will last longer than any imported product, and will not fall apart or leak

Check out Sydney’s great selection of large timber outdoor dog kennels, animal enclosures, chicken coupes and rabbit hutches in many different styles and sizes to suit all animals & dogs.

Our outdoor creations go a step further than pet shop kennels, and offer you a completely durable and waterproof kennel in huge sizes and quick turn around times (usually under a week)

Price update:
We’ve recently increased our delivery / installation price to $350, but at the same time we now cover a wider radius of Sydney. Also, we’ve introduced discounts based on locality, backyard access etc… which will be applied when you order online / in person
Local area (Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill) – Save $50
Surrounding suburbs (10 km radius) – Save $25
Backyard ute access (less than 5 metres from kennel) –  Save $25
Tell your friends! – Save $25 when referred from a previous customer of Cubbies & Cabins

To order online: pick your size dog kennel and accessories and proceed to checkout… and pay deposit later!

Quality built kennels with safety in mind. Don’t be fooled by cheap imports!

Will’s Cubbies and Cabins ensures all dog kennels are completely waterproof with the use of quality building materials, guaranteeing your kennel’s durablity in all weather conditions, and even without windows there is plenty of ventilation around the roofline.

Customise your Dog’s Kennel

Dog houses can also be upgraged with formply flooring from $35 for a small kennel for more durability for heavier dogs in large kennels.  The standard yellow tongue flooring is still durable and structural, but not as long lasting as formply.
Large Dog Kennels in Sydney can also be customized to serve as waterproof chicken coops / chook houses, rabbit hutches or any outdoor pet enclosure / creation

Pet Rescue

We all love animals big and small.. We also think they get a raw deal sometimes, and want to do anything we can to help. If you are looking to lend a hand or adopt a pet, visit our Pet Rescue page for services in your state

All our kennels are priced without accessories to allow you to customise your Dog’s Kennel while keeping costs within your budget

Read more about our Kennel Accessories and Materials

  • Wall height 90cm
  • Roof heights from 1.5m to 2m
  • Hardwood trim also available
  • ACQ treated pine cladding
  • Solid pine framing
  • Weatherproof subfloor & yellow tongue flooring
  • Waterproof colorbond roof
  • Available in gable or skillion roof
  • Quick turn around
  • Australian made
  • 5 Year Warranty on any defects

At Will’s Cubbies and Cabins we don’t give each kennel size a phoney name… We give them great prices! We guarantee our Australian made kennels will last longer than any imported dog kennel

Dog Kennel and Animal Enclosure Gallery

View our extensive range of small, medium and large dog kennels that have been personally customized by each customer

Will’s dog kennels are made using child and animal safe materials and non-imported durable building products bought from Australian wholesalers meaning higher quality products and more affordable prices!