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A cubbyhouse is the perfect gift for children of all ages. Our cubbyhouses with slides are popular. A cubby with stylish decking and a covered verandah provides a weatherproof play area.

cubby with natural wood finish
cubby with sheltered entry verandah
customised cubbyhouse designed and made in australia

Installations in Brisbane only, delivery to your door in Sydney

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We supply affordable cubbies in Sydney & Brisbane. They're Australian made- from local, sustainably sourced timber. Constructed with extra solid 12mm treated pine cladding and Colorbond© roofing.

All cubby houses come with a 5-year warranty against roof leaks and defects.

Our elevation kits come with 140mm joists and up to 190mm bearers- for durability and long life!

Don’t be fooled by cheap imports.
We also price match other cubby houses!

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Simply select your size cubby, add accessories, like slides, rock climbing walls, elevation & proceed to checkout.

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What is included  in each cubby?

All our outdoor children’s cubbies are custom made to order. The price is based on your size cubby, plus any accessories which you can select when ordering online or on email

Don’t be fooled by cheap imports

Our quality cubby houses are built to last many years of outdoor living using Australian non-imported ACQ treated pine exterior cladding, guaranteeing your cubby creations to last for over 30 years even if not painted or stained! H3 treated pine generally lasts over 40 years.

These long-lasting Australian made cubby houses are built to last the harsh outdoors of Sydney and the humidity of Brisbane. We use 12mm thick treated pine cladding as opposed to the conventional 12mm cladding

In addition to cubby house durability, Colorbond roofing (with no exposed sharp roof edges) is used on cubbyhouse roofs ensuring your cubby will last. In fact, even your grandchildren will enjoy them when it’s their time.

After some positive customer feedback, cubbie wall heights have been increased to 1.5m high so that even adults can stand inside!

Cubby houses are priced without accessories. This allows you to customise your own cubby while keeping costs within your budget.

Included in each cubby:

  • Bigger cubby wall heights 1.5m – big enough for adults to stand in!
  • Extra wide decks at 1.2m wide
  • Roof heights of over 2.1m
  • x2 SUNTUF SOLARSMART skylights included
  • Superior ACQ treated pine 12mm cladding
  • 70x35mm pine framing
  • Weatherproof subfloor & yellow tongue flooring
  • Waterproof Colorbond© roof
  • Australian made
  • 5 Year Warranty on any defects

Child friendly cubby materials are non-imported and built for Australian weather. If a cubby house is too cheap on price, it wont last long in the backyard. If another Australian cubby house is too cheap, then we will match it on price!

Cheapest cubby installation prices for Australian made cubbies! Will’s Cubbies and Cabins originally based in Baulkham Hills and now in Brisbane. Cubbies are made using outdoor durable building products from Australian wholesalers meaning higher quality product creations and cheap, affordable prices with quick turn around times! (Usually under a week)
If you are after a custom made quality cubby house in Sydney or Brisbane, please Contact Us and we will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours
Providing quality outdoor cubbyhouses for kids is a great way to encourage your kids to spend quality time outdoors. Cubby houses for children are just the answer to getting them out of the house, away from the PlayStation and into the fresh air. Their imaginations will get exercised playing in their personal cubby house.!