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Pimp Your Cubby!

These are some beautiful examples of some of our very popular Pink Themed cubby houses!

Pimp your custom cubby house by adding your own favourite colours!
Cubby House Trimming, which includes window and door frames, fascia and corner stops can be painted to achieve a finished look. This can also be pre painted by Wills Cubby’s for $80 when ordering a custom cubby house, without you ever having to get your hands dirty!
Furthermore, colors aren’t just limited to pink as any color is available. For more info See Cubby Accessories

Cubby house cladding can also be painted even though it is child safe treated pine, which preserves the overall life of the timber. All paints used are premium quality exterior water based paints with low VOC levels for the safety of your kids.

Custom colours can also be tinted to a custom color of your own choosing for an extra $40 on top of the painting and trimming cost of your cubby

Create your own paint scheme!
Use any quality exterior water based paint thats low in VOC to create the style you want. Its recommended the customer paints at least 1-2 weeks after installation to allow for the timber to dry which make it easier to absorb the paint. You also have

Start with an exterior primer / undercoat, and one top coat of a premium paint product will be enough to finish the job. The paint doesn’t have to be specifically oil or water based, but water based is easier to clean up the brushes. As long as its low in Volatile Organic Compound (nasty fumes after the paint job)

It is perfectly fine to paint or stain treated pine timber, just as long as it isn’t already wet before you start!