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Are these the cheapest cubbies, kennels and sheds in Sydney?
If you come across another Australian made timber cubby house or shed of the same size and features, we will try our best to go lower in price than the product advertised.
Our delivery & installation prices are also extremely competitive;
– $275 for kennels
– $350 for cubbies and sheds
– And from $700 for cabin studios


What is the turn around time for your products?
As Wills Cubbies and Cabins products are all made to order, the lead time is generally 1 week.
Cabin studios have a leadtime of about 3-4 weeks depending on the windows being ordered


Can i install them myself?
Installing cubbies, kennels and sheds is relatively easy providing you have a good drill and basic carpentry skills. Screws, drillbits and basic instructions are provided, and you will need to allow for about half a day which includes picking up, setting out in your backyard and then the installing which takes about 2 hours.
The ground level will need to be relatively flat, otherwise the floorbase may need be chocked up on small pavers etc to accommodate the land slope


Can i paint or stain treated timber?
Although Australian treated pine is durable and long-lasting, coating the outside walls and deck will further preserve the life of the timber.
Paint generally lasts over 10-20 years before re-coating, while a good quality stain will last over 5-10 years depending on sun exposure before re-coating.

We use a premium stain called Resene Woodsman when staining for you; these are penetrative waterborne modified oil based stains which not only look amazing when applied, but most importantly PENETRATE the outer surface of the timber


What is the guarantee you offer?
We offer a 5 year guarantee on water leaks through the roof and any other defects. Wills Cubbies and Cabins don’t take any shortcuts on the framework, stud spacings, or screws on all our products, hence we are confident that our products will not fail. We also use a colourbond roof with sufficient overhang meaning the internal structure is 100% waterproof.

However it is recommended that within the first year of buying your cubby house, kennel, garden shed or cabin studio that you paint or stain it to preserve the timber exposed to the weather, as just like any unpainted timber it will eventually weather.

Cubby and shed

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