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Flat Pack Timber Sheds

Flat Pack Timber Sheds Ready for Pickup or Delivery

flat pack timber sheds, made in Australia and available for local pickup and delivery- installation is optional.

Flat pack timber sheds are available in all sizes. Our timber garden shed kits are easy to assemble. No cutting is required. The timber is carefully selected by hand, not mass produced. Each product is a bespoke item, with the wood chosen as the pick of the batch for character, uniformity and integrity. The result is that you get a beautifully designed shed made from durable, weatherproof sustainably grown and produced, timber. These are Australian made and produced by a craftsman, and not a production line.

How it Works: the DIY Shed Kit

The flat pack DIY timber shed kit is pre-assembled in our workshop. There can be as few as only 9 panels, to assemble a complete shed. This means set up is easy. Also there’s no cutting required. Additionally no concrete slab is needed, as the timber shed is fully enclosed and can be set up without concrete.
Simply unpack the kit, set out the panels, fasteners and any other items like sliding windows and follow the instructions. Timber shed kits include perspex windows, drill bits, all fasteners (plus a few spares) and simple setup instructions, written in Australia by an Aussie builder. Our shed kits use Colorbond® roofing. All the pieces are pre-cut ready for you to set in place.

The pine cladding we use is durable and storm resistant. This means your timber shed will stand the test of time. Our 12mm cladding is the perfect choice for the harsh Australian seasons, especially with the way the weather is going.

Important Information About Flat Pack Timber Shed Kits

We build custom flat pack timber shed kits too. This means you can have a shed kit made in any size. Custom length, width, height with any configuration of windows, doors, skylights- the list goes on.

Custom roof colors, exterior and interior paints or stains are available. Each shed is unique, designed for its own space and use. Ask about custom-built timber sheds in kit form today.

Door Styles

Full height doors, barn doors- and either one can be fitted with locks or windows depending on your tastes and needs. Doors can be installed at the ends or along the side.

Australian Timber

Our cladding is 12mm treated pine. It’s extremely durable and easy to stain, paint and requires no ongoing maintenance. Stained timber sheds add character to any garden.

Colorbond Roofing

All our wooden shed kits have Colorbond® roofing as the choice of durable, solar-resistant storm-proof protection. Your shed’s interior stays dry, protecting what’s inside.

Some Timber Sheds Assembled from Kits

medium shed kit assembled in just three hours
poolside garden shed built from flat pack kit
stylish, stained timber shed assembled from flat pack, with secure locking system

Order Without Paying a Deposit

You can place an order without having to pay a deposit. click through any of the products shown in the grid, and place your order or make an inquiry. We will contact you to advise availability or- if you would like a custom sized timber shed- for example a massive extra large shed to house a boat or special project- we’ll let you know the production time.

It’s quicker and cheaper to buy a flat pack kit. You’ll know everything is there and there’s no frantic dash to the store when you accidentally cut a piece of wood to the wrong size, because our kits are all “no cutting required”. Full instructions that make complete sense- are provided. No ned for Google Translate. All our products are Australian made and come with a written warranty.

two flat pack timber sheds loaded for delivery by Aussie builder

custom timber garden sheds as flat pack kits, Australia

Beautiful Timber Garden Sheds in Kit Form

Easy to assemble, with everything you need. Spare fasteners, extra drill bits, as well as instructions written by an Australian for Aussies to understand. Panels pre-assembled, and perspex windows supplied if ordered. Skylights available with all kits; doors can be fitted to ends or sides.