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Flat Pack Cubby House

Flat Packed Cubby Kits Available for Pickup in Brisbane or Delivery to Most Places in Australia

flat pack cubby house Australia supplied and delivered

The 3 Cubbies shown below, are Custom Built, and their prices reflect this.

They can be ordered as variants of our regular products. Ask for details.

Flat pack cubby house kits is ideal if you want a plan for the perfect DIY wooden cubby. We cut all the timber to size, and prepare the panels for you, which means assembly is easy. No cutting is required. You only need a power drill. We even supply drill bits- so there’s no mad dash to the shops. Setup is quick and simple. These are the best DIY kits and plans to build your own cubbies.

DIY Cubby House – How it Works

The cubby house flat pack kit is delivered with all panels assembled into completed walls. If you prefer pickup, our workshop is located in Southern Brisbane. You’ll need a vehicle or trailer with the tray space and load capacity of a one-ton ute or flat tray.
Simply take the cubby house kit home, set out the panels and follow the instructions. We provide the drill bits, fasteners, door hinges, perspex windows and skylight. The typical time to build a finished cubby from a kit is 2-3 hours once you have chosen the site. The panels and Colorbond® roof are pre-cut and pre-assembled. If ordered as an option, we can stain or paint the exterior for you. We can also paint interior walls. Perspex sliding windows are included. Therefore, the on-site setup can be handled by an adult working on their own, or you can always include the kids to help.

Custom Flat Pack Cubby House Kits for Easy DIY

Cubby kits are available as themed cubbies. These can be superhero, pirate ship themes, or simply painted in your favourite football team colors. Design and styling possibilities are endless.

Customised cubbies are a bespoke product. This means you can have a design customised to your exact space, with your choice of verandahs, ladders, slides windows and skylights. We even supply accessories like rock climbing walls, telescopes, sterring wheels and play-kitchens.

showing front yard prior to installing a DIY flatpack cubby kit

cubby bearers and base installation from flatpack kit

two flatpack cubbies loaded for delivery on ute

Everything You Need is Included

All the pre-cut timber, panels fully assembled and colorbond roof. Windows and door as ordered, are supplied. Pics show two cubby kits flatpacked and loaded for delivery, then put together onsite by one person, using only basic tools.

two themed outdoor timber cubbies made from DIY flatpack kits

Build Your Own Cubby House in Standard and Custom Designs

Our cubby kits are locally made, with all premium quality materials. We have a range of designs available, from simple small cubby flatpack kits that will fit in just about any space- a small footprint means they’re easy to place. We go right up to large cubby house kits too. These can include sheltered verandahs along one, two or three sides. The deck can have a number of entry and exit points for stairs, ladders and rock climbing walls. Railing can provide mount points for telescopes, steering wheels and more.

Cubby kits can be made to your size and design requirements. From open forts to fully enclosed spaces. Select an outdoor play room for one- or a cubby big enough to comfortably keep a dozen lively children amused and out of the weather. No concrete slabs are needed. Simply assemble all the components from the flatpack kit and your DIY cubby house will be ready to enjoy. And remember- accessories are available, perspex sliding windows are also available. Each cubby kit includes a skylight for better interior light, as well as instructions and drill bits.

cubby house kit Australia

Australian made timber cubby house kit

All Styles of Cubby – Open Forts, Cubbies with Slides, Verandahs and More

Open forts, cubbies with slides, verandahs and accessories can be supplied as flatpack for easy assembly. We can paint or stain the timber for you, so all you need to do is attach the panels to each other and you’re all done.

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