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Will’s Cubbies and Cabins offer you the most durable and finest quality in construction of cubby houses, cabins, kennels, studios and garden sheds in Newcastle at cheap and affordable prices.

Will’s Cubby’s are designed and built to withstand the harshest of Australian weather conditions with the use of non-imported ACQ treated pine exterior cladding, guaranteed to last for over 40 years even if not painted or stained! In addition to cubby durability, Colorbond roofing is used on cubbyhouse roofs ensuring your cubby will last. After some positive customer feedback, the wall heights of cubbies have recently been increased to 1.5m high to allow for easier access for adults.

Have a look through our galleries to see a range of customized cabins, cubbies, kennels and sheds .
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Don’t be fooled by cheap imports!

Design your own custom Cubby House, Cabin, Kennel or Shed.

If you’re after a cubby house which is tall enough for adults to stand in, weatherproof and long-lasting, then a cubbyhouse from Wills Cubbies and Cabins is just what you’ve been searching for.

Perhaps your kids have friends with an outdoor cubby house and they spend all their time at the neighbours’. That all will change when the kids see the new cubby house in your backyard

Quality cubby houses have endless designs, and Wills Cubbies make it easy for you to add as many accessories as you want such as cubby verandas, doors, windows, coloured roofs…All while keeping your cubby at an affordable price!

dog kennel 1.2m x 1.2m, gable roof, 1.2m deck $

Why People Choose Will’s Cubbies & Cabins

Will’s Cubbies and Cabins are Newcastle’s cheapest high quality supplier of unique outdoor buildings, dog kennels, sheds and kid’s custom cubby houses.

Custom made cubbies for your kids and pets are cladded with ACQ treated pine which is arsenic free and naturally treated so it is child and environmentally friendly, as are the stains and paints used which have low VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds)

In addition to cubby safety there is plenty of ventilation even without windows so even the smallest cubby is suitable for kids to play in with no exposed roof edges.

cubbies Sydney Newcastle

We can ship products all over Australia. Here are some reasons why people favor Will’s Cubbies and Cabins over the rest:

  • Custom cubbies at wholesale prices
  • Higher cubbie wall heights
  • Easy assembly with 9 pre-assembled pieces
  • Cheapest installation prices in sydney!
  • Delivery anywhere between Newcastle and Sydney
  • Dozens of cubby house designs to choose from
Our Products include:
  • Cabins & Studios
  • Cubby Houses
  • Kennels
  • Garden Sheds

Cubby Houses For Sale in Newcastle

Quotes for your custom cubby given within 24 hours!

A small deposit is required to secure your order. Projects are completed in 4 – 7 business days for kennels, cubbies and small sheds, and within one month for studio / cabins.

If you prefer to save on delivery, you may pick up at Baulhkam Hills, Sydney.

Cubby houses in Sydney 

We arrange for delivery or installation, or you may pick up your cubbyhouse fully assembled which requires a flatbed trailor, or pre-assembled to take home and easily install yourself.

Cubby houses Interstate

Kennels, cubbies and small timber sheds can be shipped interstate at reasonable prices. They are pre-fabricated in nine complete pieces and take a couple of hours to screw together without you having to build it from scratch. So no need for postage costs for pre-cut timber lengths!

Newcastle’s Cubby installation prices

Delivery Sheds & Cubbies $400 Kennels $325
Delivery & Installation
Sheds & Cubbies $500 Kennels $425

Will’s Cubbies and Cabins are made using child friendly materials and non-imported durable building products bought from Australian wholesalers – hence the more affordable prices!

Aarons Cubby house Castle hill

Thank you for spending some time visiting Wills Cubbies and Cabins. Your Newcastle cubby house is just a call away at 0406 477 760. We’re looking forward to your call!