More about our cubby house accessories and quality materials

All our products are Custom Made! Wills Cubbies can be customised with any of the following accessories to suit your budget, whilst creating that perfect cubby house you and your kids have always wanted. Below are the quality products used in our product range, each one researched and chosen to specifically survive the most demanding of users, pets and children as well as the harsh Australian climate.

Colourbond Roofing

All cubby roofs are constructed with Colorbond® which unlike plastic cubby roofs or imitation roof tiles don’t deteriorate, and are completely waterproof and rust resistant. There is also sufficient ventilation under the roofline to allow for airflow, making the cubby a lot cooler in summer than you’d think!

Most importantly there is nothing scarier than having sharp colourbond roof edges exposed at head height, which is why Wills Cubbies and Cabins ensure that all roof edges are protected with a neat timber trim finish, while at the same time adding to the cubby’s charm

There are four standard colours to choose from, plus any other Colorbond color for $80

Classic Cream

Deep Ocean

Pale Eucalypt


Solarsmart Opal Skylights

Opal Solarsmart Suntuf polycarbonate skylights are included in every cubby, with 45% less heat transfer than standard clear skylights, Solarsmart Skylights are 99% UV resistant and hailproof.
It is recommended by Wills Cubbies that you opt for only one skylight to keep the cubby cooler in summer without losing any extra light

ACQ Treated Pine

The new and safe type of treated timber, ACQ is non-imported, arsenic free, naturally treated so it is child and environmentally friendly and guaranteed to last for over 40 years even when not painted or stained!

ACQ or Copper and Quarternary Ammonium Compound will protect against fungi and termites, as well as preserve the life of your quality cubby house. All cubby house timber whether its structual pine framing or treated pine cladding is plantation grown, meaning there is no unneccessary tree logging throught Australia or harm to the environment
Painting or staining of ACQ cladding withing the first few months is highly recommended to preserve the life of the timber and to keep it in its original condition

Cubby Doors and Windows

Two 40 x 45cm window openings are included in all cubbies which can be increased to 60 x 45cm at no extra charge, and can also be upgraded to sliding perspex for $50.

Door openings are generally positioned under the gable overhang for added protection, but of course can be customized to be placed anywhere on the cubby house to suit your own special design.

Heavy duty plywood doors can be added for $70, and stable doors for $110, and as a new addition sliding doors are now also available for $140; saving space in the cubby by eliminating the door swing

ACQ Timber Verandah Decks

Here’s an initiative… Will’s cubby house decks have been made 50% wider than the standard cubby house deck to allow for more room. A whole meter of decking space, with four posts and verandah rails at the front.

Side rails can be added for $90 extra.

If you wanted to further customize your cubby and don’t feel the need for verandah rails and posts, there is an option to just have the deck which will save you between $130 and $190 depending on the size of the cubby house

Trimming & Staining

Cubbyhouse trimming, corner stops, window & door frames come in ACQ treated pine with child safety in mind, but can be painted white, pink or stained for $80 to give your cubby house a finished look without the need for an entire paint job and without you having to do anything!

For an extra $20 you can choose your own colour by using Resene’s colour wheel as a reference when ordering

Staining the cladding with 2 x coats of a high quality, non toxic water-based stain will preserve not only the life of the wood, but also the appearance, as any type of timber (treated OR hardwood) will go grey within a few years of summer sun and storms.

All paints and stains used have little or zero VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds) for the safety of your children

Alternatively a 4 litre tin of stain can be purchased from Wills Cubbies for $90 as a DIY project which is sufficient for over 2 coats for a large cubby and is guaranteed to last much longer than your standard stain

Flooring & Elevating

All ground level cubbies include a weatherproof solid treated pine floor frame with a moisture barrier so there is no need to worry about stability or a slab. On top of all this, is the water resistant yellow-tongue flooring which is solid and very durable, giving you the option to decorate it with soft children’s play matts.
Ground level cubbies are also suitable for unlevel ground where leveling will be applied during installation. Where floor levels exceed 15cm due to uneven ground, a 50cm elevation is recommended for extra stability.

50cm elevation come into play where you feel the ground is too unlevel, or you like the idea of a higher cubby house. These include a solid staircase, structural 90mm x 90mm kiln dried posts and larger 190mm x 45mm structural bearers for less floor bounce.

A 1.2m elevation can be added which includes 190mm x 45mm structural bearers for more stability, a ladder and slippery slide, with the options of adding cubby house accessories such as steering wheels, periscopes, rock climbing walls etc.. by request

Please note posts only need to sit on treated pine gluts above ground; no concreting is required