More about our Cabin and Grannyflat accessories and quality materials

Customise your cabin studio by choosing any size to suit your backyard, you can even change the number and location of doors and windows, direction of door swing, door locks used, colour of window frame, even the type of timber flooring and skirting in the fixout!

All our products are Custom Made! Wills Cabins can be customised with any of the following accessories to suit your budget, whilst creating that perfect cabin, studio or grannyflat you have always wanted. Below are the quality products used in our product range, each one researched and chosen to specifically survive the most demanding of users, pets and children as well as the harsh Australian climate.

Colourbond Roofing

Choice of any Colourbond colour! And Solarsmart Skylights included for free. All cabin roofs are constructed with Colorbond® which unlike cheap metal shed roofs don’t leak and can be lined on the inside. Cabin studio roofs don’t included or require gutter as exempt developments, but are designed so that one may easily be installed at a later stage

cabin roofing


Sarking (sisolation) is included as a moisture barrier and added insulation, which allows you to be able to insulate and line the inside without worrying about dampness and moisture build up in the wall cavities

ACQ cladding is non-imported, arsenic free, naturally treated so it is environmentally friendly and gauranteed to last for over 40 years even when not painted or stained!. ACQ or Copper and Quarternary Ammonium Compound will protect against fungi and termites, as well as preserve the life of your quality cubby house. All cubby house timber whether its structual pine framing or treated pine cladding is plantation grown, meaning there is no unneccessary tree logging throught Australia or harm to the environment
Painting or staining of ACQ cladding is recommended to preserve the life of the timber

SmartSide Cladding is a premium cladding option with Will’s Cubbies and Cabins, doubling up as bracing ply this treated plywood is extremely structural and durable, and will give your hobby room or cabin a different contemporary look. It is supplied pre-primed but it is recommended it be painted within 6 months. Price On Application

Woodgrain Vinyl Cladding can also be used to match your house or to achieve a contemporary finish, with foam backing for added insulation. Available in a range of colours and profiles. Price On Application


Only available when delivered and installed, Will’s Cubbies can do all the work and turn your cabin into a finished product backyard retreat or grannyflat. And price includes both supply and install!

  • Insulation of walls and ceiling with R2 insulation batts
  • Gyprock sheeting
  • Plastering and setting with square set cornice
  • Painting of walls and ceiling with non toxic, low VOC paint
  • Timber floating floor boards with over 25 unique styles to choose from
  • Skirting and architraves for a finished product

Add foil insulation on top of the existing glasswool insulation for a little extra! Price On Application.

Cabin Doors and Windows

A solid four-panel hardwood door is included in the cabin price, and can be upgraded to an extensive range of hardwood doors with many styles to choose from. Price On Application

Sliding glass doors 2400mm also available at an extra price if your cabin or workshop requires large access, with the added benefit of utilizing it as an extra window.

Sliding Glass Windows are an extra option upgrade which also has an extensive range of sizes and styles Sliding doors and windows include flyscreens, and can also be upgraded with Solar Block, the most cost effective way to reduce heat gain, block out UV rays with a 78% reduction in glare. Price On Application

Bring Your Own windows & Doors
Will’s Cubbies & Cabins are extremely flexible with customizing your cabin, that you can even supply your own second hand door or window. Windows incur a charge of $100 each to fit and install, while doors reduce the price by $200


Staining the cladding with 2 x coats of a high quality, non toxic water-based stain will preserve not only the life of the wood, but also the appearance, as any type of timber (treated OR hardwood) will weather within a few years of sun exposure and storms. Resene’s Woodsman Decking Stain will preserve your home office or cabin studio for many years, as long as regularly maintained.

Alternatively a 4 litre tin of stain can be purchased from Wills Cubbies for $90 as a DIY project which is sufficient for over 2 coats for a large cubby and is guaranteed to last much longer than your standard stain

Flooring & Elevating

Termite Treated structural 90mm floor base suitable for level and slightly unlevel cabin studios include a weatherproof solid treated pine floor frame with a moisture barrier so there is no need way the floor will rot or require a slab slab. On top of all this is water resistant yellow-tongue flooring which is both solid and durable.

50cm elevation for when the ground is too unlevel, or you like the idea of raising your backyard granny flat. This include a solid staircase, structural 90mm x 90mm kiln dried posts and larger 190mm structural bearers for less floor bounce