Quality Custom Cubbies, Cabins, Sheds & Kennels Straight from the manufacturer

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Below are the types of craftsmen designed and built products we can customise for your needs.

Cubby Houses

Check out our range of awesome custom cubby houses, with extra wall height of 1.5m and many designs & sizes to choose from

cabins sydney

Cabins & Studios

See what different style cabins are on offer, from teenage retreats and hobby rooms to home studios with verandahs

Garden Sheds

View our catalogue of timber garden sheds, for storing tools & garden equipment while at the same time furnishing your backyard

dog kennel sydney

Dog Kennels

If you’re after a solid waterproof kennel that WON’T fall apart on your best friend, you’ve come to the right place

Save by Buying Direct and Local

Each of our quality custom built cubbies, cabins, sheds and kennel’s are designed in Australia, built in Australia, by local craftsman who know Australian climates and build our products to suit!

Built Tough with 5 Year Warranty
Don’t be fooled by cheap imports, all of our cubby houses, kennels, sheds and cabin studios are provided with a 5 year guarantee against any possible water leaks or defects

Cheapest Installation Prices in Sydney

Save on costs by picking up pre-assembled and easily installing yourself, or take advantage of our cubbies, cabin, shed & kennel installation prices which are unbeatable in Sydney!

Child Safe, Environmentally Friendly
Our timbers are ACQ treated pine which is arsenic free & naturally treated so it is child safe and environmentally friendly, as are the stains & paints used which have low VOC levels
Custom Built to Order
Our products are made to order, when you order them, this means we can customise the design, stains, paints and features to suit your needs, and space, giving you the perfect cubby, cabin, shed or kennel.

Dead Letter Chorus  – Yellow House

We had the privilege of designing and building the cute little yellow house cubby in the latest heartwarming video clip from Dead Letter Chorus

Nikolovski Lawyers Television Ad

See one of our beautiful cubbies in the new television ad for Nikolovski Lawyers. We love our cubby houses and we know you and your kids do too.